Consultancy Services

  • Enterprise Risk Management: RDC offers services and software solutions for systematic identification, analysis, and evaluation of risks in your business.  We can be relied upon to advise decision-makers regarding the appropriate actions to be taken in order to manage these risks.
  • Risk Modeling: RDC has experience guiding companies in multiple sectors as they build their own risk-based models of their own business, using Monte Carlo simulation-based tools.
  • Basel II-III Compliance: RDC offers to banks, and other relevant organizations, Basel II-III compliant solutions and services related to operational risk, credit risk (including internal rating systems), and market risk.
  • Investment Valuation: RDC can perform valuation for your completed investment portfolio – including all disparate instruments – using modern Monte Carlo simulation-based techniques.

Products and Solutions

  • Our risk analysis and modeling products:  RDC provides sales, support, and training for Palisade’s Excel-integrated Monte Carlo simulation and business risk modeling sofware @RISK and DecisionTools Suite.

93 of  the Global Fortune 100 companies use Palisade products

  • Our credit risk and internal rating solutions: RDC is Scorto’s partner in Turkey.  We offer credit risk and internal rating solutions based on their Decision Management and Credit Scoring products.


RDC provides risk modeling training using Palisade’s @RISK and DecisionTools Suite programs, based on customer needs.  According to your needs, you may join either our 1-day or 2-day training workshops to learn modeling business risk and uncertainty with Monte Carlo simulation.

For more details, please visit our training page.

Why Risk Management?

What is risk?  Risk can be defined as an the possibility of an outcome deviating from the planned or expected result.  There are two fundamental components to risk:

  • probability
  • effect

Careful attention must be paid to properly analyze and model both components of risk so as to appropriately manage business risk.  There are 4 common basic risk management strategies:

  1. Accept
  2. Avoid
  3. Reduce
  4. Transfer

Effective risk management can lead to accurate prediction, which is vital for the sustainability of your business.  Quantifying business risks through probability distributions allows decision-makers to evaluate the effect on results of different scenarios and parameters.  This gives much more information by which decisions can be made.  Risk modeling can guide more efficient use of resources and increase the likelihood of success.